Superman’s 6th birthday party with BounceSA

It’s been a hectic couple of years and we had to skip some parties for Superman. It doesn’t help that he is  winter baby so finding indoor venues that are actually mind blowing for a 6 year old was actually a challenge. We literally just threw class parties for him. This year though we decided to slow down and create memories for him. When we sat him down and asked him what he wanted for his 6th birthday, he was adamant on a Soccer themed party at BounceSA.  Nothing could change his mind on that. And so the planning began. I’m big on birthdays, it’s part of my DNA and so it was fairly easy putting everything together. The easiest process being making a booking for the party. The level of professionalism – from the information shared to follow up calls leading to the big day – that was impressive.

Party Day finally arrived

We arrived there to be met by our host who had everything ready. He took us through the entire program and helped the kids with their tags and safety harnesses, their socks and getting them all excited. From that point onward I was declared redundant.

And FUN was had

For a blissful 2 hours there was no crying, stalking mommy, moaning, tantrums – nothing. At some point I went to check up on them and they barely noticed me. What was strange is the sense of independence I got from them. With the host taking them through the activities and the kids themselves being competitive and trying to win him over, I had absolutely no role but to relax with the other mommy’s and catch up. When you are a mom of two like I am, that 2 hour break is absolute heaven.

My opinion is that Bounce got it ride in splitting the activities 3 way, ensuring that they alternate before the kids get bored (Not that they ever do get tired). The kids went for rock climbing and obstacle course, then bounce mats, and ending off with Dodgeball. Their activities are also very age appropriate and cover a wide range in terms of the age gap. My son is 6, and the sister is 12 (The tallest one in the pics, lol) but they enjoyed the activities equally.



The party room

The party room is made up in vibrant colours and should go along with any theme just as our soccer blended right in. I loved the idea that I may bring my own cake and limited decor. Since I’m a event organizer myself I’m a perfectionist when it comes to decor. I enjoy personalising each birthday party so that my kids don’t ever forget it. I have to mention though that their in-house decor is sufficient, and they set up party packs and everything for you. All you have to do is bring the kids and some cake.


Thee best party venue ever

Looking back at all the parties I’ve thrown through the years never have I been this relaxed and got time to actually enjoy myself. At some point, the husband and I were bouncing away like teens forgetting that we have 2 kids. Talk about hitting 2 birds with 1 stone (free date night babe). When you think about it, BounceSA party packages are actually affordable because it includes everything.

Party Venue

Party Pack

Hot dogs and a drink

Plates, Serviettes and Cutlery

Cake knife and Server


Hostess for the entire 3 hour

5 free coffees/tea for the adults

Mommy and Daddy’s peace of mind

If you’d like to make a booking with BounceINC. contact the call center on:

No: 011 5172500


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33 thoughts on “Superman’s 6th birthday party with BounceSA

  1. Looks like a great way for the kiddos to burn off some energy during the winter months! As a winter baby myself, I know how challenging it is to find great party places! Kudos, momma, you did good!

  2. That looks like such a good place to have an enjoyable time. From the looks on their faces, they seem to have had a blast., Happy birthday Superman. P.S. I thought of him more a s Spiderman when I first looked at your pics. Cool!

    1. lol, yes with all that climbing right. But we’ve referred to him as Superman from birth. Thank you so much Steph

  3. This looks like so much fun!! We’ve only been to a bounce place once but thats a great idea for birthday parties!

  4. I remember when I was a kid and had the best birthday parties. They’re ones you’ll never forget and its great you have his documented for him to look back on!

  5. Was thinking of having an event for my son at a bounce house. You’re right they do include a lot there. You’re son looked like he had a ball! 🙂

  6. Wow. The kiddos has so much fun. Now this is a nice party idea for winter babies. One of my babies is a winter baby. Now I love this idea. Good job mama.

  7. This looks so much fun!! She looks so happpy in her 6th birthday party. Love the concept and the food was so affordable. great job momma!! You did good!!!

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