Take a break mommy, Fryday is finally here.

I still can’t believe I’m a mom of a teenager. Honestly, I still feel like I’m figuring out this motherhood thing. I suppose the biggest challenge is that we don’t get time to breathe. Most days I’m consumed with just making sure they are fed. That they bathed and homework is done. It’s the everyday chores that make us forget to acknowledge milestones.

Gourmet Chef

Miss Flower turned 13 this year and just like that, her level of maturity stepped up. She started her own business, improved on her saving habits and loves cooking. I introduced cooking to her with the easy boiled egg,  and gradually upgraded to toasts and oven meals. And now, she is turning out to be our little gourmet chef. In anticipation of father’s day, she decided to whip up our Friday night meal with a twist. A healthier option of your take-out without breaking the bank. She will not be around on Father’s day so this was her way of showing her dad that she appreciates him. It was such a beautiful moment (I might have cried a bit). I’m absolutely proud of having such a considerate little girl. It’s such moments that reminds me that I’m doing a great job.


These French fries were so easy to make. What’s even better is that they taste absolutely delicious, we finished the entire pack. She served us some chicken, rocket and bacon wraps, with a side of the scrumptious McCain french fries. Note how stunning the presentation is. Friday nights will never be the same at our house.

    McCain has come up with so many potato options that our Fridays are covered with a lot variation.; The confidence that our little Miss has gained is immeasurable. What I love the most though, is that mommy gets to have a break.
    How do you love having your McCain potatoes?

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