The birth of PALINOLA


I was born an event organizer, I just never knew it. Growing up I would get so excited about birthday parties. I would spend sleepless nights imagining all the detail. To me this was normal. My mind told me that every child had the same thought process. It only came to my attention when I was much older that there’s an abnormality to it all – for one, no child would obsess over other kids parties, only their own. With time, I would contribute towards friend’s parties, showers, weddings…. Next thing I know I’m planning the entire event from start to finish. The excitement that comes with each project is what made me realise that this is my passion. I absolutely love researching new idea, and bring them to life.

PALINOLA – Doing something over and over until it is perfect. This here is what describes me, a perfectionist. I loved this name mostly because my Daughter is Palesa (In short Pali) and my son Oluthando (In short Ola). Everything just synched. It made so much sense. And just like that, my small event company was born. PALINOLA.

A friend asked me to organize her sister’s baby shower this past weekend. The brief was “It’s a girl”, that’s all. I absolutely love clients like that because they trust and leave you in your element. I made chocolate marshmallows from scratch as the shower favors. I incorporated balloons and some hessian in a subtle chic way.

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