The FEMAGENE V-talks vision

This past six weeks were life changing. It was the beginning of a much needed dialogue between women about all things intimate. Femagene had a vision to create a platform for all women of all ages to talk openly about hygiene and social issues affecting them. We went into this campaign with zero expectations but what in turn received an overwhelming response.

Learnings from V-TALKS

  • Given the right platform, women CAN really empower each other. We have so much wisdom to offer we just need to conversate more. Throughout this #knowyourbody Campaign we’ve had real and raw engagements. The biggest win was the amount of love and respect we received from each other.
  • You are never too old to learn. I never knew that the soothing gel could bring so much relief to my life. It’s currently my new love. We all gained some knowledge of how to take care of our privates.
  • The future looks bright. The point of the campaign was to get us talking and to normalize issues that are stigmatized. What I did not anticipate is how we’d be schooled by the younger age group. We where all left more open minded and educated by the youth. This here leaves me more optimistic about our future. For a positive future impact, we need to need to invest on our kids.

The PH Balanced Femagene Intimate Range

All Femagene products help to restore and maintain the correct pH in the vaginal area and help the body to counter irritation, infection and unwelcome odours, support the body’s defence against dryness and bacterial or yeast infections and are safe to use before and during pregnancy and during menstruation when you are more prone to vaginal infections because of an increase in your body’s PH level. The lactic acid in the Femagene Intimate Soap formula helps to restore and maintain the correct pH in the vaginal area. It also contains Tea Tree Oil which has anti-microbial, anti-fungal and antiseptic properties to target organisms that cause Candida and Vaginitis. It is safe to use before and during pregnancy when bacterial and yeast infections are more common.

Femagene Intimate Soothing Gel contains active ingredients that target itching, burning, irritation and inflammation and support the body’s defence against dryness and bacterial and yeast infections. It is safe to use before and during pregnancy when bacteria and yeast infections are more common. Applied three times a day it gently helps to restore the balance when the strength of prescription medicines is not needed.

Femagene intimate cleansing bar
Containing super creamy Palm Kernel oil with a low pH, the fragrance free cleansing bar is suitable for daily all-over use for sensitive skin. It also counters irritation, infection and unwelcome odours.

Femagene Intimate Soap for Sensitive Skin is a fragrance and Paraben free pH balanced liquid soap that is super gentle, with added protection for skin that irritates easily. Cleomilk® contains actives to curb inflammation, allergic reactions and skin damage. Defensil® provides a protective skin barrier and has anti-inflammatory properties. Biolin is a skin prebiotic to help the body prevent itching, redness, swelling and odour.

Femagene Intimate Refreshing Wipes have all the goodness of Femagene Gel embedded in silky soft wipes. In packs of 10’s or individually wrapped they are easy to carry in a handbag and are a treasured source of freshness whenever needed, even for hands when a washroom isn’t available.

Ready for romance: Femagene intimate Personal Lubricant was designed for the one in five women who experiences pain during sexual intercourse. Since natural wetness can decrease at times due to a variety of causes such as stress, medication and birth control pills, adding a lubricant helps. As this area has many nerve endings, any irritation can result in pain. Easily dispensed Femagene Personal Lubricant is hygienic and non- messy. It is water based, pH balanced, long lasting and easy to clean with excellent hydrating and moisturising results. In addition it is fragrance, silicone and paraben free.

Femagene products are available in the sanitary aisles of selected pharmacies and retailers. For further information go to

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