UBER CONNECT | How to invest time on things that matter most

Moms, you will never be good at everything.

Do the things that you do well. Work on the things where you struggle but you can’t or shouldn’t outsource. (Some things are hard in parenting, but you are the parent and you can’t shirk certain responsibilities and have to dig deep. )

But for the rest…learn to outsource. Use your network. Your friends, family and people. Pay your kids or the neighbors. Let professionals handle the stuff that absolutely sucks the life out of you. Make trades with friends.  


Between working from home and homeschooling, life has been crazy busy. Some days it gets so hectic that it’s overwhelming. So when Uber Connect was launched recently, I was just ecstatic. The thought that I now can send parcels instantly, without all the waybill admin and hidden costs. If my niece forgot her blankie ( it would be a long night because, no sleeping without blankie) then we can send it instantly. And you can say bye bye to the school projects that were forgotten at home. No need to make a 100 trips to school.

How it works

So how exactly do you use Uber Connect? Well, if you’ve ordered an Uber ride or food off Uber Eats, then the process will be remarkably similar. Firstly, make sure your Uber app is updated and open it up. Select “Connect” and run through all the terms and conditions, confirm that your package doesn’t have prohibited items and then request your delivery.

You’ll receive a message from the Uber app which you’ll need to reply to with all the recipient’s details and information because how else is the driver meant to know where to go? The driver will swing by your place and you can place the package in the back of top box of their motorbike. Then all you need to do is share the delivery request with the person expecting the package so that they can track the driver’s progress and retrieve their box (or whatever you’re sending) when it arrives.

Just be sure to wear a mask and sanitise properly. Safety remains a top priority and Uber Connect follows all relevant hygiene and safety protocols. These include the requirement of masks for all drivers, as well as the completion of a safety checklist which reminds drivers to wash their hands and sanitise their relevant delivery bags. Senders and recipients will also need to follow a checklist to ensure social distancing measures are followed. 

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  1. Wait, what?! I’ve never heard of this and it totally changes the game! I’m going to see if this is offered in my area because I tend to be quite forgetful (pregnancy brain on top of mom brain!) and could use the sense of comfort knowing that’s an option for me. Thanks!

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