Wardrobe Clear Out- Designer dress worth R2000

It’s not secret that I am a fashion lover. Hi, I’m Lebo and I’m a shopaholic. In my next life, I’ll definitely own multiple walk-in closets. I would have to an entire house dedicated to shoes only (I have serious problems).

For now, my marriage is hanging on a balance because of my clothes (lol, joking). I’ve decided to clear my wardrobe and give away this gorgeous designer dress only won twice. It’s sexy and bold, makes one really stand out.

Dress Details –

Size: 32/34

Worn: Twice

Occasion: Matric farewell, wedding, formal occasion.

How to enter –

To get this dress, just comment below why you think you need this dress in your life. Include your email address.

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4 thoughts on “Wardrobe Clear Out- Designer dress worth R2000

  1. Are you kidding me. This dress is every girls’ dream. I love it and it will definetely look good on me and motivate me to workout even harder. We are planning my parents’ suprise 60th birthday celebration soon and that would really be a perfect outfit for the celebration.

  2. Good day ma’am, I need this gorgeous dress for a friend’s wedding that’s coming up and I believe this will be a perfect dress for the event. I am a size 32

  3. I have a similar problem yet I don’t own such a number and if you divert it this direction I promise it will be treasured and well taken care of. Plus I’m a 32-34. Hook a sister up

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