What do you do when your HERO dies…

This week has been extremely difficult.  South Africa, Africa, the world…mourning the loss of an amazing man.  Some compare him to Moses, others think he was the 13th disciple, and for some he was an angel.  All I know is that I was blessed to have been alive in the era that Tata Nelson Rolihlahla Madiba Mandela was alive.

Amazing how an ordinary man- born in South Africa, who worked as a security guard- would be the world’s icon.  A man who spend a quarter of his life in prison to fulfiill his purpose, not for him but for the world.  God choses ordinary men, to do extra-ordinary things. He makes the impossible possible.  And Tata, you have lived your life.  You have done your work.  You have exceeded our expectations.  May your soul rest in peace.

My daughter says “Mom, don’t be so sad. I think Tata did enough for us.  I think God loved him enough to save him from pain. 95years is a long time mommy. He deserved to be resting next the God”.  I see now why you were so passionate about kids, they hold life’s secrets and mysteries in the palms of their hands.

So through my depression over your loss, I thought what would Tata do. I could clearly hear you say “make your world a better place my child”.  I took my daughter to a kids charity event, where we decided to donate toys.  Jungle Crunchalot had organised a toy drive for the ACFS children’s home. We were only required to bring a toy for the kids. Just one, old or new.  If one man could make such a huge impact, can you imagine what could happen if we all had one goal? one purpose? united.  Jungle Crunchalot is doing their bit for society, we all can make a difference. I felt honoured to have been part of such a great event. Thank you Tigerbrands.



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