What’s new from Hasbro – Transformers: The Last Knight

The epic Transformers saga continues with Transformers: The Last Knight product range

Transformers: The Last Knight is a tale filled with action and suspense, as humans and Transformers go to war while Optimus Prime is nowhere to be found. In this latest chapter of the Transformers Cinematic Universe, the Autobots together with the unlikely alliance between Cade Yeager, an English Lord, and an Oxford Professor, will need to dig up the secrets of the past and the hidden history of Transformers on Earth, in order to save the human race. The hunted will become heroes, heroes will become villains and only one world will survive: theirs, or ours.

It’s now up to you and your Transformers allies to forge a future for all. The time has come for you to pledge your allegiance and choose your faction!

#PledgeYourAllegiance and join #teamautobot to help Optimus Prime save the world by defeating the Decepticons or join #teamdecepticon and help Megatron take over the world. Choose your faction on www.morethanmeetstheeye.co.za.

Recreate your favourite scenes from the movie with the latest Transformers: The last Knight product range brought to you by Hasbro, one of the world’s largest toy, game and entertainment experience companies.


Transformers: The Last Knight Optimus Prime Voice Changer Helmet

Call your Autobots to arms with the commanding power of the Optimus Prime Voice Changer Helmet. It’s packed with awesome features.


Transformers: The Last Knight Tiny Turbo Changers Series

They’re tiny, but they pack a punch. The Tiny Turbo Changers are an epic, mini line-up of your favourite Transformers characters.


Transformers: The Last Knight Autobot Sqweeks RC


Autobot Sqweeks RC features motion and sound effects straight from the movie. Activate blaster mode, or boogie-down with dance mode.


Transformers: The Last Knight 1-Stp Turbo Changer Figures


Join the action with Transformers: The Last Knight, 1-Step Turbo Changer Figures. Just activate and roll out in 1 exciting step.


Transformers: The Last Knight Legion Class Figures



Check out the amazing detail of the Transformers: The Last Knight Legion Figures. Basic articulation makes them fun and easy to move.

Transformers: The Last Knight Premier Edition Figures


The Last Knight Premier Edition Figures come with brilliant attention to detail and wicked accessories.



Transformers: The Last Knight – Knight Armor Turbo Changer Figures


Hero or a villain? Find out with the Knight Armor Turbo Changer Figures. Turn your favourite bot into the ultimate warrior in just 4 steps.


Transformers: The Last Knight Voice Changer Masks


Now you can don the mask of your favourite Transformer and use their legendary phrases to inspire you to victory.


Transformers: The Last Knight Premier Edition Voyager Class Figures



Imagine mind-blowing details and advanced conversion – this is what you get with The Last Knight Premier Edition Voyager Class Figures.


Transformers: The Last Knight Premier Edition Leader Class Figures


Transformers: The Last Knight Premier Edition Leader Class Figures change between robot and vehicle mode in an epic 30 steps.


Get to know the ‘Transformers: The Last Knight’ characters:


As the legendary leader of the Autobots, Optimus Prime never wavers in his fight for the freedom of all sentient beings. His valour and strength make him Earth’s greatest protector as the human race encounters the merciless Decepticons. But when fate hangs in the balance, even Optimus Prime encounters a foe that could push him to his limits. Now he must travel to deep space on a quest that will put him to the ultimate test.


Grimlock is a rampaging beast of destruction who leads the ferocious Dinobots. Superior skill combined with prehistoric power make Grimlock one of the most dominant warriors alive. This legendary Dinobot commands respect by valiantly defending earth alongside Optimus Prime. The steel-crushing jaws of Grimlock could be just what the Autobots need to rip through a cataclysmic foe that threatens to destroy life as we know it. All those on the side of evil should fear the thundering strength of Grimlock.


Bumblebee is a courageous Autobot scout who bravely faces any foe that threatens his trusted comrades. He is the first to step up against the evil Decepticons and he never backs down. With Cade Yeager and his Autobot allies, he will fearlessly charge into battle when the Decepticons attack.


Soundwave is the most feared signal-stealer in the universe. His Titan Master partner Soundblaster is a master of cyber infiltration. He drops a backdoor code into the systems of any bot he unites with, giving Soundwave a way in. With that access, Soundwave can raid any bot’s processors – completely undetected – and steals a constant stream of information.


Sideswipe could have been a legend. Before the war, he was an up-and-comer, sought after in half the racing circuits on Cybertron. But his reckless nature and win-at-all-costs attitude washed him out of every league he joined. He’s in with the Autobots for a chance at redemption, and a chance to bring back the Cybertron he remembers.


Barricade is as sinister as they come. He takes down his enemies by skilfully deceiving them. His eternal mission is to destroy all Autobots. All Autobots must watch their backs for this menacing force.


Autobot Hound is a rowdy commando who is always ready for action with an arsenal of heavy artillery. When a cataclysmic foe threatens massive destruction, he will bring out all of his firepower in a legendary battle fought alongside his Autobot comrades.


Megatron has worked for years to accomplish his evil ends. His body is a living weapon, designed for one purpose – to conquer the universe. He has been defeated many times, but never beaten for good. He will fight forever until the Autobots are destroyed and he rules over all.


Onslaught believes precision and planning are the keys to success. He spends hours devising battle plans, considering contingencies, and deliberating troop disposition before ever committing his forces to battle. Once the fight is joined, however, no robot is a fiercer fighter.


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  1. My nephew LOVES Transformers and I’m always looking for birthday/Christmas gift ideas for him and to try and understand what he’s talking about. This is super helpful!!!

  2. I haven’t seen the last movie yet! My kids and I love transformers! We actually nicknamed our car “StarScream”… that is if starscream was a white toyota minivan LOL

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