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When I was invited for the Wimpy Big Deal burger launch, first person I though of was my husband.
1. He loves meat
2. He looves good burgers
3. He’s always on the road

So, who better to review the burger than him. Besides, I’m trying to steer away from temptations #projectwedding (Topic for another day).

He took along our son Superman….Father and son moment.

The “Big Deal Burger” is available at all Wimpy’s nationwide and comes with a 150g beef patty, a slice of cheese, 1 egg, 2 rashers of streaky bacon, mayonnaise, Famous Wimpy Relish, etc and a new  bigger bun to keep it all together, served with a full portion of chips.
Imagine, all of this is available at only R44.90 to ensure you get to enjoy every moment of this unbelievable deal with friends and family.

The burger was a huge success, like he wouldn’t stop talking about. His exact words were …
“It was an amazing combination, which came together amazingly well. The mayo sealed the deal. And wow, I was full babe.” So he gives it a 10/10.

Go give it a try. For that price, you won’t have much to lose.

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