Wordless Wednesday – Meet Ayabonga “The family princess”

I’ve been meaning to post these pics FOREVER.  Superman’s baby cousin was born just a couple of days prior to my husband’s birthday.  Since Superman was my last (signed, sealed and delivered), this little cuto is my daughter (from another mother).  I would most definitely love to have another one, don’t get me wrong.  But with Joburg’s private school fees, extra-murals, groceries, cost of living is crazy high. The way things are going, I might just need a second job (lady of the night, lol).

Anywho, this is as close to me having another daughter as it gets.  Meet Ayabonga.  The family princess.  She is my sister-in-law’s baby girl.

Look at that cute smile

Couldn’t get enough 

Little Aya VS Superman.  Cutest resemblence ever.  They look just like twins.

Welcome to the world baby girl. We love you to the moon and back.

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  1. Ncooooo this is sooo nice Aphiwe, Im loving it. Ay ay ay, Aya n Superman look like one person on the last pic. If they were born on the same day, one would swear that they are twins. I love my babies… Mncwaaaa

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