How a Yorkie Russell won our hearts

This is the story of how a Yorkie Russell won our hearts.

How it all started

Our teen daughter has a serious fear of dogs. A fear so intense that she would freeze and tremble whenever she saw a dog. She would immediately cry at a sight of even the smallest, cutest poodle. At some point I actually thought  she had Cynophobia; the fear of dogs. That she needed psychological help. We were surprised two years ago when both kids were trying to convince us to get a dog. We said no and kept saying no. The reason being, we have two kids already who are a huge responsibility and we just didn’t have the time for a dog.

Despite us saying no, they decided to investigate breeds of dogs that would suit our complex. They also researched breeds that were intelligent, child friendly and didn’t shed hair. In South Africa a Jack Russel came out as the perfect fit.

How I caved in

Their persistence is what really made us bend. I had a discussion with our therapist and we thought that it would be a great idea to introduce a small puppy. It would serve as therapy for our teen. If she started bonding with it at a couple of months, then she might start working through her fears.

For months we tried all SPCA’s. For us adoption makes better sense. Unfortunately, we never got our match. I contacted a breeder who had a litter of a mixed breed between a Jack Russell and Yorkie and asked if there were any males left. The breeder sent back two photos; one of a full Yorkie puppy and another of a Yorkie Russell. The minute we saw the Yorkie Russell, we knew he was ours.  As it so often happens when looking at puppies, you just fall in love with them. I was in love with her but wanted to keep it a surprise for Missy.

On a Friday afternoon, I picked her up at school and drove to the breeders. She had absolutely no idea about the surprise. She was nervous when we arrived. We were led into the house and she saw the litter. Then out of the corner of my eye, I saw her light up and tears rolling down her cheeks. This time, it was tears of joy.

The One

‘The one’ ended up being Kronchy, who has changed our lives in ways we never thought possible.  The entire family wanted Kronchy to be a joy in our lives not a burden, we wanted him to be adaptable to any situation so we could take him everywhere with us. Due to research and a bucket load of training, Kronchy has integrated into our family beautifully and is a core part of our family, not just a pet. Though we still struggle with potty training, but we will get there.

How has Kroncky changed our lives? If someone once upon a time said to me: “when you get a dog you will feel more connected to your community”, “you’ll become interested in exercise”, “you’ll spend your money on Doggy treats”, “you will saviour memories more intensely, discover new hobbies, and view life in a different way”… *I* would have said, “you’ve lost your marbles!” But all those things have happened to us in the last few months because of Kronchy.

Life now

We love doing park run and Myrun, and luckily dogs are very much welcome. Once we get to the park, Kronchy plays with the other dogs and I talk to their owners. You can talk to anyone with a dog because you share one common interest that connects you. After the initial dog chat, that’s when you get to really know a person. I have met such interesting people at the park and love catching up with them to see what’s new in their life. I have met entrepreneurs, people who have quit high profile jobs to pursue their passions, fashion designers, and people who are just as much into fitness as I am. Thanks to Kroncy, I have been able to get to know the people who form my neighborhood and this has allowed me to feel more connected to my community.

Dogs are huge commitments and you are accountable for their well being. One big commitment I was worried I wouldn’t be able to for fill before getting Toby was walking him twice a day. Dogs need to be walked for both physical exercise and mental stimulation resulting in them living a happier and healthier life. Luckily for me, this commitment has proven to be an enjoyable part of my day, which has also equated to exercising.

The kids

The biggest win to come out of getting Kronchy is how he brought the kids together. Our son is a typical boy, rough, active and loves pulling pranks. Our daughter; a nurturer, motherly, overprotective and very gentle. Kronchy needs both personalities to thrive. You’ll see how he gets excited when our son gets home because it’s time to play. They run around like crazy until they drop from exhaustion. And when he’s tired, he automatically turns to the mother who massages him and tucks him in. It’s beautiful how they know their roles and are working together in sharing responsibilities too. We are absolutely proud of them.


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  1. What a cute dog! That’s great that you found the perfect dog for your family and that your daughter was able to overcome her fear.

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