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“Confidence is the sexiest thing a woman can wear”…. one of my most favourite quotes. My daughter is growing really fast and I have sworn to help her embrace her body. I want her to be able to wear a bikini without feeling self conscious or insecure. Every time we are on vacation and I saw black women fully clothes, or sometimes in their underwear,  I just knew its not going to be us. I was not going to be that mom, ever.I have been working out a lot and you might have come across my workout videos on social media. I’m not yet where I want to be but I have definitely gained loads of confidence through working out. I have learned to embrace the bit of cellulite hanging around, the not so flat stomach and those irritating stretchmarks. Through my fitness journey I’ve become more accepting of things I can’t change and concentrated on what I can. Most importantly though, was discovering ways to rock a bikini and still be comfortable in it.   So I made it my mission to be “beach comfortable” and I found 3 ways which worked perfectly for me.

My preference is always high waist in everything I wear, jeans, swimwear, skirts. They really emphasize my small waist and sexy curves. I don’t feel comfortable exposing my buttocks, so I always find ways to cover the back. If you don’t mind exposing your booty, flaunt it mommy.

Concentrate on parts of you that you are happy with and work with that.

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10 thoughts on “Yummymummy – Ways to rock a bikini comfortably

  1. That sheer dress is everything….love…love it. Also the high waist bikini helps to hide the tummy and still looks fashionable. Greatest invention ever for mommies

  2. Your body looks absolutely amazing, but also your confidence is everything. I really wish I could wear your confidence on me. It really doesn’t matter what you put on, You always own it. I admire you.

  3. I need to take you with in my next shopping spree. I never know which swimsuit to buy. Honestly I’m hopeless.

  4. The pressure. You are flames friend. It shows that you’ve been working on that body. Love your bikini choices.

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